Author: Noel Sanchez; Date: 16.04.2024

I have been using DermaTea for 6 months now, and the results have been promising. But, before you read any further, this claim is backed by an expert I decided to take on board with me, so all of us can really know how this tea works and whether an investment in it is a promising idea. This is my honest opinion that has in no way been sponsored by DermaTea.

Here’s why I vouch for DermaTea

It was perhaps after I hit puberty that I developed persistent acne. Almost 6 years to being my loyal companion, with no one solution working, I stumbled upon an ad for DermaTea and decided to add it to my list of conquests. Done in jest, I did not expect DermaTea to improve my skin one month into the usage. Pleasantly surprised, I ordered for a month more, but before I could go any further, I simply needed to know why this was working for me. I had been to my fair share of dermatologists, and my acne never saw consistent better days. I have lived in fear of knowing it would come back.

Introducing my savior

Thanks to Dr. Jocelyn Castro, who provides dermatologic care to patients of all ages and skin types, I have been able to get all of my questions answered. She graduated with honors from Barnard College, Columbia University, completing her Post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at New York University. She received excellent training in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology and is a well-known health practitioner.

Here’s an expert opinion on the remedy for acne

I have shared some insight that Dr. Castro shared below to help you understand the product better and benefit from it.

I have had acne for about 7 years now, I have tried several skincare routines and had my fair share of medicines to help, but my acne never goes away. What properties does DermaTea have that ensure reduction in acne?

DermaTea contains Nettle as one of its main ingredients that is known for its nutritional benefits. Its roots have a wide variety of nutrients, including Vitamins A, C, and K, Potassium, Minerals, and Amino Acids. These act as antioxidants inside your body to defend against damage from free radicals, i.e., damage by toxins, heavy metals, and inflammation. It is also a healing salve that can help with irritative skin and burn wounds.

How does DermaTea Help in Body Detox?

One of the biggest reasons why DermaTea is able to help in acne reduction is because it improves the inner workings of your body. It boosts the immune system and purifies the body. These properties are found in it due to its ingredient list of ginger, Hawthorn, Seabuckthorn, Mate, Cardamom, and Peppermint. Thus, not only does it fight acne from the system, but it is a great body detox.

Are there any side effects of DermaTea?

There aren’t any alarming side effects by DermaTea that you would need to concern yourself with. It is generally safe to drink. The only thing to flag for yourself would be making sure you’re not drinking too many cups of DermaTea daily. Follow only the recommended dose, and you’re good.
Other than that, just be careful handling the tea while it’s hot! :)

Why should I use DermaTea instead of any other acne treatment product?

Choosing an organic tea that is not only beneficial for your acne but is a good cleanse for your body is a perfect combination to look out for. While other acne treatments are either topical or use anti- biotics that can be invasive to your other organs, DermaTea uses organic ingredients that help remove toxins from your body and is a more sustainable way to deal with acne.


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Jose Garcia

I have had acne for a year now, would choosing DermaTea eliminate the need to go to a doctor’s?

Dr. Castro

Hope you're doing well. While I would not recommend skipping a doctor's appointment, DermaTea can work with any type of acne. It uses organic ingredients; thus, there is little to no harm in using the tea for an extended period. However, I would not discourage visiting your health practitioner!

- Dr. Jocelyn Castro, Dermatologist

Danilo Reyes

How long will it take for my acne to get better with DermaTea?

Dr. Castro

The time it will take for your condition to get better is determined by the intensity and willingness to consume DermaTea daily. The main ingredient nettle in DermaTea has healing properties and a cooling effect that helps reduce active acne and, eventually, scarring.

- Dr. Jocelyn Castro, Dermatologist

Richard Mendoza

I have been using DermaTea for three days now. Why isn't it working?

Dr. Castro

Good afternoon. DermaTea acts differently according to the inner workings of your body. Because the tea is designed so that it sustainably removes acne, the time it takes, on average, to see results is after a month of consistent use. People have not been disappointed.

- Dr. Jocelyn Castro, Dermatologist

Eduardo Flores

I feel like this can't be right. There is no way tea can help get rid of acne!

Dr. Castro

Thank you for reaching out, we understand the concern, and while your lifestyle IS essential to your skin's health, DermaTea is part of that healthy diet. It needs to be followed throughout to be entirely useful for you. It works to purify and detoxify the body with ingredients like peppermint, mate, nettle, and cardamom.

- Dr. Jocelyn Castro, Dermatologist

Ronald Bautista

I can relate to you so well. Looks like I gotta try this product right away!

Noel Sanchez

You must give it a shot, and your search for acne treatment will end here. I can vouch for it based on my personal experience.

Ernesto Fernandez

Do I need to diet with DermaTea? Is it like the laxative teas all over Instagram?

Dr. Castro

DermaTea does not require a diet to complement it for it to be effective. However, consuming healthy snacks or switching to healthy habits every so often will only reflect positively on your body and is likely to speed the process of your recovery.
DermaTea is not like the weight loss teas that are infamous for being laxatives. The ingredients on DermaTea are simple foods that do not have laxative properties but have a high nutritional value.

- Dr. Jocelyn Castro, Dermatologist