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We are going to discuss this medical problem with Specialist of Private Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases..
Jun 20, 2023 | Autor: Savita (Philippines)

Specialist of Private Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases. Dr. Peterson has published more than 60 research papers on Molecular Parasitology.

21 years of experience.

Private Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases has discovered a new cause of halitosis (mouth odor): infestation. A recently completed study reports that parasite waste products are toxic and create a breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria in the stomach. That is why people infected with parasites have bad breath.

Dr. Michael Peterson, M.D.

— Dr. Peterson, thank you for coming. I'll start with the main issue. Is it true that most of Philippines population is infested with parasites?

«—Yes. Compared to other countries, we occupy one of the leading positions in terms of infestation. Due to extremely poor ecological situation, inaction of authorities and indifference to people.»

— Dr. Peterson, are the results of the studies on the relation between infestation and bad breath correct?

Even a couple of years ago, the medical community believed that bad breath is formed within the oral cavity. However, recent studies have indicated that stomach and liver problems (which are always present when you are infected by parasites) also cause bad breath. Scientists have also reported that this seemingly "normal symptom" should not be ignored. Infestation leads to virtually every serious disease in the human body.
I personally trust the results of the research that has been carried out in our Laboratory. Common "mouth odor" turns into a serious illness. About 92% of human deaths are caused by parasitic infections. And it's not just deaths from diseases.

We usually mean ordinary worms when we talk about parasites. Can they really cause bad breath and even death?

In fact, this is a great mistake to assume that parasites are just worms. There is a huge variety of parasites living in different organs of the body. And they cause various effects. And by the way, worms — to be more precise, helminths — are very dangerous. They literally destroy intestines, causing its decay and ultimately death. Even worms are quite difficult to locate and destroy.

Along with them, there are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, and stomach. And almost all of them are deadly. Some of them immediately start acting aggressively and destroying the body. Other parasites live unnoticed until their number becomes so great that the body can no longer resist them, so the person dies.

At the same time, I can confidently say that practically everyone is infected with parasites. The thing is, most of them are extremely difficult to detect. And when the consequences of a parasitic infection become noticeable, doctors try to eliminate them. Even during the autopsy of a body, special tests are required to detect parasites. At least for most of them.
«—There are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach. And almost all of them are deadly. And it usually begins with ordinary bad breath.»

— Can you give any specific examples of an infestation?

I could tell you about hundreds of cases. But, perhaps, I will focus on those examples that clearly demonstrate the dangers of parasites.

Firstly, as it turned out, some tapeworms can cause cancer. Moreover, formally, the worms themselves rather than humans initially get the disease. But their malignant cells spread throughout the body, infecting humans. This happens when the worm's larvae get from the intestines into the human lymph nodes.

As a result, they transform into cancerous tumors, rapidly poisoning humans. Death occurs literally in a matter of months. One more case of death from such a tumor was recorded last week.
Another common case is infestation of the human brain. This leads to neuroses, rapid fatigue, excessive irritability and sudden mood swings. And at more advanced stages, as the brain becomes filled with parasites, more serious diseases develop, ultimately leading to death.

We have a photo archive of autopsies, where parasites were found in various organs of the body. Here are a few photos, but I have to warn you, they are horrible.
In the this photo: cells of a malignant tumor acquired through parasitic worms.
Worms in the human gallstones:
Parasites in the human brain that caused cancer:
Parasites in the human brain that caused cancer:
The third example is the infestation of the human heart. It is believed that this disease is very rare. But in fact, heartworms are present in approximately 23% of people. That is, in fact, every fourth person. At an early stage, they are totally invisible, and they have zero impact on the body.

But the more time passes, the more notable the worms in the human heart become. They are the root cause of many heart diseases, and if we talk about sudden death due to cardiac arrest, these parasites account for almost 100% of cases.

— Are there any other dangerous consequences of infestation?

«—In men, parasites cause prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, stones in the kidney and bladder.
In women, it causes pain and inflammation of the ovaries, fibroids, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, as well as adrenal gland, bladder and kidney inflammation. And of course these problems are accompanied by premature skin aging, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, warts and papillomas on the face and body.»

— How to protect yourself from parasites? Are there any tests, drugs?

Unfortunately, it can be stated that there are no sure methods of diagnosing parasites inside humans. Partly, this is due to the existence of so many types of parasites (more than species of which are known), and partly to a very high level of difficulty of their detection. A full parasite exam can be carried out in just a few places in the UK, and costs huge money.

The symptoms of a parasitic infection are the following:

- Bad breath;
- Allergies (rashes, watery eyes, runny nose);
- Rashes and redness on the skin;
- Frequent colds, sore throat, nasal congestion;
- Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly, no matter what you do);
- Frequent headaches;
- Constipation or diarrhea;
- Pain in joints and muscles;
- Nervousness, insomnia and appetite disorders;
- Dark circles, bags under the eyes.
If at least one of the symptoms is observed, then there is a 99% likelihood there are parasites in your body. And you need to get rid of them as soon as possible!

Speaking about drugs, there are a few issues. To date, there is only one solution that allows to get rid of parasites.

The antiparasitic medication is called EcoClean. It was developed by my colleagues at the Laboratory of Parasitology in collaboration with an international team of scientists. About two dozens of various antiparasitic drugs were carefully studied. But during the research process, it became obvious that only EcoClean was effective.
EcoClean contains a unique blend of milfoil (Achilleae millefolii), centaury (Centauri erythraea) and clove. During its developing and testing, this medication proved to be extremely effective. Today, it's the only remedy that provides prominent results. And if you're just talking about money, it could have meant to be produced purely for export. People around the world are willing to pay almost any price for        

There is a lot of positive feedback from those who have already tried it.

— What makes EcoClean so special? What's the difference between this medication and other from antiparasitic products?

—As I already said, to date, this is the only working antiparasitic solution in the entire world. It helps to fully get rid of parasites. That is why it is so sought after by international pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies. Compared to other antiparasitic drugs, it works directly against the entire range of parasites that could infect a human body.

Considering the problems with diagnosis, this allows you to efficiently cleanse the whole body. I mentioned before that it is almost impossible to detect what kind of parasites have infected the body. And EcoClean destroys and removes all the parasites living anywhere in the body — from the brain and the heart to the liver and the intestines. No other drug available today is capable of this.

Besides, it is not a chemical drug, but a completely natural product, which eliminates allergic reactions, intestinal flora imbalance and other problems that can arise when treating a disease with classical pills and making the body process a lot of various chemical compounds.

This is the official result of the lab tests carried out on EcoClean  in the Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases.
1. The effectiveness EcoClean calculated using the standard technique (ratio of number of recoveries against the total number of patients in a group of 100 people who were treated with the medication):

Elimination of helminths and eggs: 100%
Normalisation of the function and condition of the pancreas: 80%.
Elimination of allergic dermatitis: 90%.
Elimination of gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea: 90%.
Elimination of anemia: 100%.
Elimination of bad breath: 100%.

2. No negative side effects, including allergic reactions, have been identified.

3. EcoClean is recognized as the leading medication in the fight against parasites within the human body.
— I think our readers would like to know where to purchase EcoClean?

— You can order it from official website of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, pharmacies want to use a very high retail margin. They basically want to sell at a much higher price. And scientists who have created it are strictly against this approach. As a doctor, I want all the people throughout the country to be able to afford this product.

I hope that over time we will all be able to come to an agreement and EcoClean will be sold in every pharmacy in the country. In the meantime, it can only be ordered online. Everything is convenient and easy — the product can be delivered by mail or by courier, and there is a cash on delivery payment method. Nothing else is required to get the product.
— Dr. Peterson, before we finish the interview, would you like to say anything else to our readers?

—The only thing I want to say is, take care of your health. You may not suspect this, but parasites live inside you with a probability of 97-98%. They can be anywhere — in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain.

Parasites are literally eating you from the inside while poisoning your body at the same time. As a result, there are numerous health problems which can reduce life by 15-25 years. I'm not even going to mention the problem of sudden deaths, which is usually associated with the effects of parasites on the human body.

EcoClean can be ordered through the official website.



Annie Frank

I ordered this medication. I was worried about bad breath. On the fifth day of use, I noticed that my breath became fresher. Along with this, stomach function was restored. To prevent the recurrence of the disease, I take a course of treatment every 3 months.

Jun 15, 2023

Mrs Smith

I ordered EcoClean it was delivered by courier on the next day. Started taking it, and such terrible things came out of me... I would never have thought that so many creatures could be living inside me. I can't even think of how I lived with it.

Jun 15, 2023


Thanks for the article! Ordered this for myself too.

Jun 15, 2023


When I started taking EcoClean, I had no idea what kind of effect it would produce. Abdominal pains are gone (sounds there was something in the gut), shortness of breath and mouth odour were gone too. At 63, I feel like a 30-year-old. You won't hear this kind of stuff from a general practitioner.

Jun 15, 2023


I took EcoClean too. The effect is simply amazing. I feel young and healthy. My immune system has been considerably strengthened over the 8 months that have passed since I took the course of treatment. I wasn't unwell ever since! I could only dream about such results. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Jun 15, 2023

Helen McCarthy

I recently watched that BBC documentary about parasites. And this medication was mentioned. They said it was the best antiparasitic solution in the world.

Jun 16, 2023


I've ordered it too.

Jun 16, 2023


I used to have splitting headaches. I took EcoClean for a couple of weeks, and the headaches are gone. I now can't help thinking... What lived in there?

Jun 16, 2023


Grandmother taught me how to get rid of parasites with wormwood. The whole family used to drink those wormwood infusions, and they helped my kids get rid of worms. But no matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of bad breath. Ordered EcoClean, and I don't have any problems with breath freshness anymore. By the way, I stopped drinking this bitter wormwood infusion and switched to EcoClean. The effect is the same, the price is reasonable, and it's very easy to use.

Jun 16, 2023

Irene Vince

Very interesting interview, thanks! You are opening people's eyes!

Jun 17, 2023

Jen Brown

What if it's a scam? Why is it only sold on the Internet?

Jun 17, 2023


I agree with all these comments. When I started taking it, some ugly creatures came out of me. I panicked and went to see a doctor. He looked at all that and said those were the liver flukes. And if not for EcoClean, they could have killed me within 2 or 3 years.

Jun 17, 2023

Mark Rhodes

Jen, have you read the article at all? What scam are you talking about when the payment is upon receipt? I ordered it, and it was delivered by courier. I checked everything, and then paid the money. Everything is sold on the Internet now, from clothes and shoes to various equipment and furniture.

Jun 17, 2023

Anastacia Kling

Great product. Both my husband and I took it, we both noticed significant improvements in health. We really feel younger, we have more energy now. When you are free from them, you feel so much better.

Jun 17, 2023

Sandy Martin

I've just read the comments, and I've made up my mind:-) I'm ordering it right now.

Jun 17, 2023

Anastacia Greene

You won't believe it. I had this problem, I was always tired, I lost interest in life, I gave up. And then I bought this EcoClean. It's a great medication, I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Jun 18, 2023


Thanks for the tip. It's time to cleanse the body. At least once in a lifetime. I've never done it before, but I think my life will be better without parasites :-) I'm pretty sure I have them. It's easy to get parasites.

Jun 18, 2023



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