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Shared experience: How to make sex last for hours

Published on 11.04.2024 | Author, Emma

Hello everyone! In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to share this kind of story because it's a really sensitive subject. But the main purpose is for happiness to be shared with everyone. In addition, our experience may help many other couples. Today's topic of conversation is sex. But I think it's more a matter of not having a relationship. My husband and I had sex at most twice a month and sadly each time it only lasted for about 3 minutes until my husband tried some capsules with natural ingredients.

Let's be honest. When he was younger, his “instrument” was working perfectly. You might say that these things aren't that important. But the truth is, no matter how big or small the penis is, it's very important for women to have sex! We dream of sex that is as intense and long as in porn! But instead of it being like that all we got was just 3 minutes of tickling under the covers.

Because of this, my husband had tried everything from viagra to tantra intimate massages which is an ancient practice. At first, the pills were effective. We were really excited when he started used them. But as time passed, he had to take more and more of these pills. Until finally he was drug resistant. Plus, it had a side effect that made his heart to have issues. Such side effects are never good.

We finally found a way out!!

We almost gave up. I thought his genes were bad and that is the reason for this situation. We were wondering what do to! But being intimately away from each other for some time - this had an impact on us and made us start watching porn - because we didn't have anything in common anymore. At least we can watch other people having sex! We watched so much that we have our favorite actors. One of them was a leading star and a screenwriter in the movies.

We accidentally read one of his interviews. He said that all men can have sex for 2 hours straight and possibly even more. And you can do it without any stimulants or supplements. Use only herbs. As each herb interacts with the other from the composition, it causes the release of the most powerful hormones. The end result is a more powerful erection and longer sexual activity. Interestingly, the herbs also help with the growth of the penis.

This is what we wanted! But we were worried where are we going to get these herbs?! It turns out that these herbs are contained in one product that porn stars love to use: ManBuilder.

That's why we ordered this capsule on the main website. Items will be delivered to your home within 2 days.

And finally the result...

We couldn't wait to see the results soon, so we ordered the product right away. It arrived on the next day and my husband started using it right away. So, after a day or two, he came back from work and sneaked up on me. Without a word he buried his face on my neck and began to unbutton my clothes. We did it on the washing machine! And then switched to the bathroom and continued there until the end. We had sex for two hours! Something like this has never happened to us before! We finished several times in a row. And finally, I had to ask him to stop because I was so tired!

One month after taking ManBuilder capsules, the issue in our bed was completely resolved. We were hardly ever leaving the bedroom. It's like we were having our second honeymoon :) It was incredible.
We never thought that natural ingredients would give such amazing results! No other pills ever produced results like this before. Something can be compared to the power of nature!

The product contains natural ingredients so there is no danger for the health. Many experts recommend ManBuilder for people with sexual dysfunction. This product has been clinically certified as being the most effective.

The product contains natural ingredients. The first is tribulus terrestris extract which refreshes and adds energy to the body, increases blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory action. It also has the ability to increase muscle strength. Another ingredient which is known to stimulate sexual performance is creatine. It is a component that is similar to the testosterone molecule. Therefore, it can increase the level of hormones that will make the blood flow better. It is also antioxidant and helps enhance sexual performance. As for the last substance, this is the extract from maca. This is an amino acid-rich herb that provides energy and stimulates blood vessel function. It reduces fat in the blood and also boosts the immune system to be strong.


Please note!

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. . . Someone is commenting

Maricel Villanueva 13.04.2024

We ordered these capsules for my boyfriend last month. At that time, there was no discount promotion at all. We agreed to buy at full price. When I saw that it's now 50% off, we'll order more. Here I would recommend friends to order directly through the company's website. Hurry up to buy when it's still on sale. It's worth it!

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Frederick Malabanan 13.04.2024

I use the capsules as well. They really help! Now I have sex with my girlfriend for at least an hour at a time. And she started saying it is too :) Should I find someone else hahah :)

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Joel Panghulan 13.04.2024

I think I've read reviews that say it's not good. But I can't remember where I read it from. Maybe the person who wrote it could be a business competitor, because ManBuilder helped me a lot. First, it made my sex drive noticeably to increase. And it made my penis stronger. After one month, I was so happy with the results. My wife and I have sex 3 times a week and during the holidays we will have at least 3 times a day :)

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Sheryl Paz 14.04.2024

Great! I am going to order ManBuilder for my husband to try as well. The situation in our bed is not at all great and he said he doesn’t have a desire to do it. Now I just have to find a way for him to take it...

Like - Reply - 43
Manny Jaurigue 14.04.2024

I have more than 20 years of medical experience and recently learned that there is a new treatment that can help treat erectile dysfunction. And my colleague recommended product as being highly effective. It is not dangerous because it contains natural ingredients. It really works.

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Chloe Rodrigo 14.04.2024

It's this kind of problem is caused by stress. You have to please your husband and stop scolding him for any little things. Then you'll get what you want in bed. believe me I know well :)

Like - Reply - 15
Liezel Arguilles 14.04.2024

My situation is the opposite. I always want to have sex with my girlfriend but she always finds a reason to reject me.

Like - Reply - 38
Erwin Tolentino 15.04.2024

I've never had any of these problems before. My penis is always as hard as stone! Want to see evidence? :)

Like - Reply - 66
Senendo Marasigan 15.04.2024

What are people doing nowadays? Why write something like this in public? Do you think your husband will be happy to know that someone will find out and criticize his bed problems? You should be ashamed of it...

Like - Reply - 74
Sandra Estabillo 15.04.2024

Thank you for posting. You saved my marriage. My husband started having erectile dysfunction last year. But he did not accept the truth. Refused to go to the doctor and refused to take any medication. After reading your post, I ordered ManBuilder for my husband and told him it was a herbal male enhancement capsule. (So he didn't suspect anything and just ate it for good.) After two days, what did we have? It's great! We've been together 3 times in a row. Honestly, we've never had anything like this before. I want results like this to last a long time.

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